by PG-13

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A compilation of amazing beats and lyricism.


released December 31, 2014

BluntedBeatz, Made in M, EQUILIBRIUM !NK, Rigor Morte, Terry Tester, Space Ninjah, [w], Jobu, FutureBeats, AUXX, RU, SmokeeBear, Madison Gaines, Kyng Seff, hermit, ewonee, The 6th Man, MELODIOU$, T.Hache, Just Lance, Brian To Earth, Gustav Shihab, Flying Lotus, PG-13.



all rights reserved


PG-13 Wilmington, North Carolina

Beast Coast


North Carolina



9th Wonder
Oh No
MF Doom
Gang Starr
Flying Lotus
Lil Wayne
Willie The Kid
Busta Rhymes
Andre 3000
Roc Marciano
Kanye West

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Track Name: I Am (Intro) [prod. BluntedBeatz]
Let me hit these niggas with something I bet they never heard
I'm the sewage if you the shit, then I'm the better turd

Verb usage got them calling me verbally abusive
Lucid dreaming all the time spitting stupid

Word fluids flying foul
Oh you dying "ouch"
Trying out this rapping now
'Fore I got a cap n gown
You tapping out

Horror when I kill them man I harm them yeah I torture
Renaissance but it feel a little more the Harlem one

I am a young little perfectionist, whatever your perception is
I accept it
Even though you people sleeping on me narcoleptic
You nagging nark niggas shaking like u epileptic

I am the damn epinephrin
I know you're feeling this in your stomach call it peptic
I am an optimist not a skeptic
Only doubting when it's truly necessary

Unintentionally killing when the spit start spilling
I ain't really trying to merk them when I'm s-swag surfing
I ain't really trying to figure out how to stop hurting
But the verses are unstoppable the end close the curtains

All you do is burden
We over encumbered
You kids fallout
When I drop these bombs hear the thunder

Shitting on you niggas under me get the plunger
I sunder egos run and take your pride with you

These the fundamentals
I won't buy your tape, why would I fund a rental
Rhyme all mine originate in the mental
Except the ones that I quote man I meant to
Make it fresher like a mint ooh

You niggas schooled by a freshman
Check the message that u sending
I got hella bars u ain't got reception
I lay lyrics u can pick up
Layered with content complex connotations in comments

I am Philly the philanthropist philosophically thinking gynephile
Flyer than drosophila turning up the dials
On the volume and the paper chase, cash per mile rate

I am a walkin dead man Susan Serandon
Your raps are random
I rap saran then
I refrigerate
Spit cold to kill the hate
Then go on on a rant to filter rage

I make dollars you don't make no cents
I got a sixth sense u spit nonsense and since I'm going off on them
They're wanting me to cough on them
You know I'm sick-steen killing y'all vets, rouge dog on them

Whoa, even your girl knows I got out of this world flows
Like I'm dropping bars on Venus
Polices trying drop a couple bars on me
Bitch trying to put me under subpoenas?
You can suck penis

These beats I fuck frequently, nigga
The B's want to rub so they tugging on the zipper

Dreads looking fresh line up better than the Clippers
Constant shooting at the constellations fuck the Big and Little Dippers

Fuck you big and little niggas who don't like this
Not religious really but I'm still rather righteous.. Right?

I am mean on tracks yet in person im polite
I win the fight by assaulting your ears with the Tyson mic

I experiment with music my concoctions make u loose it ayahuasca drink the fluid
I'm a doctor and a Druid
And a shaman/opportunist
Man I do this shit for me
And it's better to enjoy man I'll never be muted

I am spreading the love like Cupid
I am whatever you see me as
Intruding in your ears like a q-tip
I am, I am
Track Name: Smooth Hits [prod. Made in M]
Creeping up on you there's a don upon you
Who is that breathing down your neck sheath your weapon nigga

Your pride gets stolen
He who shall not be named gets awoken
Your ego getting broken

After I have spoken
I'm spooking you niggas
I'm soloing lonely stoner still smoking

On the J double R how your girl rolling with Token
We toking I'm shooting skeet toting the magnum

I'm taking all the bread and you can't have none
Joking chicken niggas I got crumbs you can eat

I make it look easy
Cool breezy smooth greasy
Even though you niggas be
Zzz sleeping on me

I'm the poo you ain't even pee pee
I could spit for infinity got Max PP
I hope you get the Poké reference PG
Versatile Eve
Evolving constantly

I got these niggas homie
I'm eating just startin to begin it's green no vegans

Off work so I party when the week ends
Intoxication increasing the amount that I'm speaking

Only nigga in the mansion neighbors think I'm Robbin
Batman? no blackman excuse me, pardon

Nodding yes I'm winning
I'm not in the dimension
That u in
Infatuated by the illusion
Of life nigga I'm a God
Oh you sick? hear's the *cough*

Drop any beat I got I gobble
Paradigm beast make u think I won the gene lottery

I got em G
I got flows that clog your arteries
Colossal green could switch it up like it ought to be

See I could flow like G Seurat brush
Staccato red dot from my saliva duct

Duck nigga
Fuck niggas
Think you must trigger jerk
I'm just jacking Richard simultaneous with cunnilingus

Yuck life don't taste too great
Until you sit back meditate and really embrace it
I'm feeling like the game kinda needing a face lift
I'm here to reinvent it's kinda old decaying

Naw I'm playing
They say it's dead but the genre just waiting
For the amazing innovations of the students
Who want the PhD and care less about money more for patients

You lucky that you hearing this
No radio so the FCC won't censor it
These them good joints no filter
and they still smooth hits
Get lifted
Track Name: Mathematics (Best Verse Contest) [prod. EQUILIBRUIM !NK]
Yo I always spit the best verse
You skip through the first if I'm the second
The bad guy every song I wreck it, Ralph

Best verse
Spit bullets and you know the tech hurts
Technicalities attacking everything head first

Man I think about it,
Like mathematics,
Like acrobatics
Phil-ip out
You marvel at it
Rap addict

PG is now sixteen
Spitting 16s
To kill them 6 teens
With M16 lyrics

I'm sick sniffle breathing your team hear it the sneezing
I'm breezing through the competition like plant semen

Spring season cleaning
Can't kill the fiend and
Your girl fiending
To blow the green
And I ain't even
Talking bout the weed and

I'm a demon I mean
I might be mean meaning,
I maim lame mothers mainly my dic-tion and word meaning

Man your bars I accept them
But they're far from exceptional
Except, when you on my song and make me look better..

Soliloquies in monologues
My dog is off in wonderland
My brother off a couple grams
The other bout to call a broad

They calling me the Molotov
Mouth committing arson all the time
I don't need an arsenal
I was born to (aww) [x2]
Track Name: Oizo Attaque [prod. Rigor Morte]
Trap game is wack
Not the music though I'm talking about bricks for stacks,
Man fuck that

These niggas act like the only real rap
Is pushing crack
Imma kill the track show you motherfuckers that

If I dealt, my shit be foul have birds out the ass like I had to much chicken
Going for the breast, and the legs, and the neck, and the head,
Getting all these girls real thick and

Brown, I don't even got them kilos but the flow still like trillions of pounds
Per square inch man gallons rushing down
A goddamn mountain tsunami style

You niggas water guns I'm a water spout
Do right ask how? word,
Nigga I'm a baller

Pitching these pigeons ain't my thing but I'm fly as fuck now dropping these turds like birds wow

Oizo attack Oizo attack Oizo attack get back this that
Oizo attack Oizo attack Oizo attack Oizo attack

Quit the fussing imma keep cussing you bitch niggas ain't cuffing
I'm fuckin
Hillary Duff and
Clinton, president
How I set this precedence
My presence in the present is a present

Dominance prominence confidence is common sense
Coming in to fuck the world imma c*m in it

Commandeer you niggas can't come in here
If you coming near
Look out for them hunters, deer

Headlights freeze you like a red light left you for dead damn right
Big brain I'm bright and my head ain't light
I'm ahead when I write
Ben Tenison ain't got shit on my ice,

Watch how I do this I shit on your life
A denizen of the lost land of the mighty race

Indigos third eye in place
Give y'all the amazing saving grace
I'm in a sleep like state
Dream when awake
Contemplate reality
Drag out my days
I'll show you the way wit my deictic gaze

Kinda hard to see got quite thick haze
You fucked up like if dykes dicked gays
I can change you
When I'm done you be fly as me look,
I made you
Track Name: PG-13 & Just Lance - Wild (feat. Just Lance) [prod. Terry Tester]
[Verse 1: PG-13]

I'm home alone
Smoke a bowl
Eat a bowl a cereal
Blow some ohs
Honey Nut Cheerios

Discovery Channel,
Animal Planet
Man I'm stoned
I can't move a muscle

Close my eyes
Phosphene galaxies passing by
Dreams I create when awake on the fly

I'm the type to type up some tight lyrics
Procrastinating homework that night

It's the black phenotype
In advanced placement
Letting whites copy me I'm complaisant

Used to the racists
Complacent with the way that
They treating the smart black kid dangit

Shame it's funny how the cookie crumble ain't it Famous Amus
I'm the same as you just a few differences

Heinous how the brainless think
You hate the quote "Mexican aliens" well your heads in Uranus you stink

Wait oops,
Excuse me
I ain't usually so brash I act rationally

The meaner PG comes when I'm mashing the beat
I'm divinity magically yet naturally

Turning dreams to reality
Avatar mind bending
Tangible telepathy you feel it like leprosy
None of you are next to me
Not many samples on the beats so now you want the rest of me

The recipe for PG?
Philosophy, creativity, generosity, integrity, a medley
Of all these
And a lot more
I ain't rich in knowledge but at least I'm not poor

[Verse 2: Just Lance]

I'm not bored
And I got to score
So show me uh.. more

LSD and THC got me through epiphanies
If life is all a joke, then I guess I'm pretty funny

Kicking back the hacky sack
Chilling in the Outback
With Kangaroo Jack with a sack of the loud pack

Ashy ashy nigga,
Who never pulled a trigger
Still got more heat than Bowser in a sweater,
But really, I'm colder than ice
During a winter night
Playing freeze tag with Sub Zero right?

I treat a verse like a game
I'm trying to have fun so don't rain on my parade

Drinking Powerade while you're drinking haterade
But if you want to ride my dick, then I guess you drink Gatorade nigga

I guess you drink Gatorade nigga
Track Name: No Days Off [prod. Space Ninjah]
I ain't got no days off
Work all night through the morn' till the day's gone
Bump this beat where the bass soft
If I'm feeling like I ain't really trying to stay hard

But still when I spit I'll rip your face off
Better pray to Based God
Better play it safe dog
Gonna need a face guard
But the way I intrude like mase you should probably take it off

My dudes playing golf
Bunch of whites in school start get some hate?
Man I just play the race card

I'm the ace card nigga ace niggas
Far from slow intense as race car
Vroom vroom

Mom I'm on Wikipedia
I made it
You bitch niggas basic

pH is too high
A typo
PG is too high

Laughing at any damn thing
Punching niggas out with a champion ring

Beat you in the the ring
Hide and seek find me in the
Pantheon man
I want a Grammy goddang

I'm mean me dang
Get it?
Call me a prophet when I'm talking to myself
She bang
When she move

My nigga I'm hung and she like it too
Gotta get back to work tho dude
Put me on loop
Track Name: Round 7 [prod. [w]]
(Wherever I go
They know by the flow)

I know you like it when I drop em
I got em

It's hard to swallow like a Lozenge
Voice been raspy since my balls got to dropping

I know you like it when the bars get to dropping
Young black kid but not hood like Robbin

The name's Phil
Remove the H
I take pain like Advil

Dr. Phil I got.. patience
I'll wait my turn but I'm anxious so blood will spill

I hit shots like Jordan
I take shots like Kevlar
I'm on round 7
Can't stop producing urine

But I keep up with alcoholics
This just a weekend job
You know the day job kinda boring

I get nice,
On tracks I get meaner
Not a hood demeanor
But pretty dark skin when you see him

Uncle Ruckus still yell mother fuck this nyugga
Big kahuna eat skate no truckfit

I'm the poop like goose no duck shit
Spit sword slicing stuff better duck this

Cut it out u on that fuck shit
I discipline "it goes a little something like this"

My flows make you need a vessel blood
Don't pop it,
You getting salty cause your ego I just messed it up,

I'm a samurai
Got a bread surplus in the Dynasty

So u know I'm gonna eat I be
Searching for opportunities like
Hide n seek

My sanity is held together by my vanity even though all thoughts are vanity,
I put that on my vanity

That's why I take action
No plan B
I'm not fan of failing even though I learn something from it

I learn not to do the same shit again like you dummies
Mannequin I wrap to you mummies

You get punched out
Bald Bull
Stage 7
Round 7
Plate 7
Full course
Nigga full
Track Name: PG-13 & Madison Gaines - I Get (feat. Madison Gaines) [prod. PG-13]
[Verse 1: PG-13]

I get melodies for beats in my dreams
Ideas for sampling just come to me

I'm 17 in the burbs so it's hard to get material,
But I'm good with the words

Call PG a NERD but I ain't Skateboard P
I get good grades old white people scared me

Another black man in power that's threatening
Still narcolepsy sleeping on get the methamphetamine

I got better means of numbing niggas than the ketamine
Sicker than a death disease you'll need promethazine

I'm eating Fruity Loops cuisine
The movie rating
Same as the film you seen on your telescreen

Yeah I got hella scenes causing hella screams
I'm It like King we the Birds see the wings
We fly,
You pedaling,
We reveling
I get a bunch of things you could never see

I get a ton of cat get no v****a, bummer
It's funny seeing all this ice in North Carolina summer

I get a ton of cash and you ask for some but
You pitiful I'll give back after making fun of you

I get a ton of ass you a gotdamn urinal
Just like the yssup I get it popping like kernels

I keep an open mind like a funnel
You only got two eyes open, why your vision like a tunnel

The music shit here see I'm on the come up
I run up
And fuck up
Your rain stealing thunder
You dumb fuck
You done bruh
I've done done some damage
A savage on the drums boy

Got your girl over here and she wanna --- but
You Dum Dum
She don't want to lick your rapper huh bruh?

Just give up
I go hard as Golf Wang you putt putt
You stuck up
Get the butt plug out your shitter

Shit, I'm a litterbug I riddle raps with dirtiness even though a nigga always courteous
Pardon the flirtiness
But your told me she wanna be fully loaded like Herby is

You niggas think you smooth naw you the furriest
When you see me, you scurry
You niggas sucking more than Kirby
Your girl ask come again but I know she fuckin heard me

[Verse 2: Madison Gaines]

Mad Gaines goes in you’re like no don’t hurt me
But the weed's too loud man I cannot hear thee

This shit's high class man you are not worthy
I’ll give a little taste and I’ll call it mercy

G to the R to the E-E-N
I got money in my name so you know that imma win
I got 69 bitches so you know I get it in
I got 28 grams so you know I stay liftin’

I got 42 shots so you know I’m gonna spin
I got 365 worth of ink in my skin
I got 23 jimmies that I’m always carryin’
I got 23 hairs on my chinny-chin-chin

I got 12 fuckin’ chains, you can call me Solomon
And I got 4 strings on my fuckin’ violin
I got 99 problems so you know I’m not gon grin
But I got one gun so you know that imma sin

It’s Double Dragons 2 with Mad Gaines and PG
We’re takin’ our revenge so the haters better flee
Our words are like arrows from the bows flying free
And you niggas look like guards when we hit you in the knee

Hold up, I wanna take a little time with ya
I wanna lay some more bars of this rhyme on ya
I like rapping about nerd shit and ganja
Eight nights, eight blunts lit call it Hanukkah

The haters like to make a lot of threats, North Korea
They don’t know what they’re dealing with yet, Hiroshima

Try to hit the club with your friends, I.D. ‘em
Feel my lyrics deep in your skin, I.V. ‘em

I smoke that kush religiously. Drug Reverend.
I’m breaking all the industry. Bad Samaritan.

The ladies can’t resist MG. Sent from Heaven.
Your lady wants to get with me. No comparison.

She say she wanna suck the D. Humanitarian.
I say I wanna smoke the tree. Vegetarian.

Infect like cancer the pussy. Ovarian.
I am the number one emcee. I am Legend.
Track Name: Millennial [prod. Jobu]
[Verse 1: (Drunk Walk Home) PG-13]

The millennial prenatally advised but regarded
As the kid who didn't actually truly try his hardest

Special yet surely not reta---
I was taught some thoughtful morals from my parents since I first started
Talking and walking on my own
Yo I played the xylophone
I was a wild one
Matured into a mellow speakin mild tone

Dialect like Caucasians,
Smart as Asians,
Bound to blow up like Arabians

Nihilistic? nah agnostic atheist
Phil lost never say that

But fists are rarely getting painted,
Naw I mean guns,
I mean they rarely getting drawn
I don't fight so I don't need one

My words are weapons
I indite with spite
I smite mushy soft pussy niggas
You think u tight?

Yo I'll wet em up
Trying to figure out the
Reason that you stuck
I'm on the paper chase till the death bruh

Runnin this like asics
Si fuckin foreign you're in a basic B
No spacibo

The game ain't dead call Dr. Carter, Willie The Kid, and me yo
The cures you just, placebo

D O,
I T,
That's me though
Like I didn't break a knee
Or like I'm still a great athlete, a pro

But no shit happens
For a reason
I found a new passion a nigga started rapping yo

I'm spitting this on a drunk walk home
I left the bar and I raised it off the top of my dome
I got wasted last night and my weed all gone
Wait I can taste it,
But I'm baked in my niche, my zone
Aye it's,

The apex keystone beast of the rap biome
I'm talkin APES shit
I go ape shit
I'm smokin niggas like 8 cigs
No fuck dat dude be playing bitches like my Asus

My lap-top
Don't got a piece just an apple
Strike the matchbox
Bite it ripe
To get the knowledge fast; nah
I split a half, burn an eightth, walk the path
Siddhartha paved

I'm slick as a greaser and
I stay gold my secret?
Midas molested me..
I was like a day old

You on parole
And I ain't even in the system holmes
Yeah I smoke but I'm slick, that's just how I roll
My joints
Are messed up that's why I started rapping
My knees forecasting before I spit the shower on you bastards
This is passion

[Verse 2: (Escape Theory) PG-13]

Don't get close to the edge I'm a pushover
But my lyrics on par with the Mars Rover (curiosity)
I'm strung out nigga like a guitar, hold up
Y'all know music is my drug of choice

OD on volume not Valiums
Drop bars like absolute value
My value if I didn't have a voice?
It would drop a lot
See I don't drop a lot but butterfingers with the versus and I heat a little pot

Don't get it it twisted
My grip is unparalleled
Intricate flows sticking with you like caramel

A pairofsouls blocking shade while I para-sail
Fly skinny nigga, "shouts out to all the pear" I yell

I ain't talking that fast just to snails
I had to get slugged by life for I was out my shell
I'm on the fast track u see my car tail lights
Smoking niggas like Mexican cartel pipes

Fuck me? nigga fuck you
I'm hungry too
I'll kill every last beast in the zoo
Eat your food
Or I will fool
I turn you into stew
Cause I don't bite lyrics
I don't have to chew when I crush you into soup

But usually I do
I mean I chew em up and gleek out
I spit wild
You freak out when I speak out
I'm approaching my peak now
But I can't even see how
Far away it is
Still in the exposition of this
Track Name: Lucid Dreaming [prod. FutureBeats]
Chilling by the lake
A dab is what I'm bout I take I
Literally fly away I'm not awake
Or am I

Blurred lines no Robin Thicke or T.I.
My subconscious be alive at all times
Even when I'm

In the present moment
I'm sitting next you but know I got a better view

I'm best of us two
We head to head you next to lose

That's cuz my mind is loose
No restrictions
Spitting like my glands on a mission
Concoct my vision like I'm cooking in the kitchen

I do this when I'm sleepin intentions
Of gettin
Into a deeper consciousness when u listen,
Cadence how I bait them in with abstract lyric topics

The fuckin flow is impeccable on a dime I drop it
The fuckin beats are delectable munching nigga stop it

You talking shit I spit sweet bars like licking chocolate
I'm d*****g hot chicks
Excuse me man I'm just trippin broccoli

And shroomies
Wise as a fossil I'm Lucy
I'm lucid
Suessing with lyrics
Sue says I could do it

I could get buzzing like the bees
The secret life of me
Is only fathomed by thy mind who switched with mine, you see?
Track Name: Throwin' Shapes [prod. AUXX x RU (AREYOU)]
My mind's gone polygons hopping when my eyes closed
A couple supple hoes and they about to (dance)

Me and my niggas way doper than Lance
I'm elite for my age tryna touch me you can't

Dance dance dance
Damn I'm in a trance trance trance
Please excuse my hands hands hands
Right now my brain's in my pants
Wait goddamn I ain't mean it

I heard this silly rumor but (RU) AREYOU a stripper?
Ignore my speaking only talking from the liquor

Man I'm high but the weed is (AUXX) auxiliary nigga
This guy got the Sky all in him
Aaa the vodka

Head cloudy yet I'm wavy
Yet I'm dreaded mutha fucka
Waka Flocka acapellas
Man I'm fucked up I'm yellin

I don't fight but I'll slam a damn square goin ape
U niggas keep tossin salad imma be thrown shapes
Track Name: PG-13 & Madison Gaines - Morning Cartoons [prod. SmokeeBear]
[Verse 1: Madison Gaines]

Grandpa passed, it was a sad affair
But I couldn't attend the fuckin’ funeral cause I’m trapped in here

University student
Or indentured servant
Words are synonymous once the loan prices surface

But I’m not here to bitch and moan, that ain't the lesson here
I’m just trying to light a blunt with Smith & Wesson here

Captain in my cup, maiden in the grinder
Wanna keep my wallet fat like 8th grade math binders

Watch the clouds roll as I roll another one
Got the room smoky like Seattle’s second son

Or like the fuckin’ bear. Thank you for the beat.
Repping the east coast, Mad Gaines got the blue feet.

Rappers wanna battle. I just wanna write.
But if you gonna talk shit then we bound to fight.

Heroin on my knuckles, call that a dope blow.
Now say my name three times fast, Tikki Tembo.

Now watch carefully. Open sesame.
I got the recipe for a catastrophe.
Now watch carefully. Open sesame.
I got the recipe for a catastrophe.

[Verse 2: PG-13]

Wake and bake watching some Morning Cartoons
Euphoric mellow meditation in my room

Sublime day like a cardoon in bloom
Producing perfect beats like my heart do

Shoot, you know it's hard to get it off your chest sometimes
Like a locked treasure pirates trying to get

My mind is like a labyrinth
And a laboratory
Perpetual stimulation like Scattegories

Naw I'm playing
I'm higher the Appalachian
Spiritual energy match a Super Sayan
Unorganized sounding rhymes
Are derived from a mental state that you cannot arrive at

Analyze them
Rhetorical rhetoric
Really raising the bar
High jump scoring

1st place the only thing you raisin is grapes
You dry quit trying to spit, give it a break

Damn I'm trying to make the next INNANETAPE
Keep my own style ain't trying to imitate

Thinking out the box constantly ripping the tape
Trying not to reach my prime too late
Pinnacle vaping
Track Name: PG-13 & Kyng Seff - Infinite Satisfaction Remix (feat. PG-13)
[Verse 1: PG-13]

I dare another nigga try to test me
I stood up, step to them fuck a SAT

Step to them from the top so they feelin my sole
Me? rolling up a fatty call it Gannascoli

Spit solely for my soul you saying holy
Steal food from the bears like Goldy(locks) did

Tryna hit your girl we at second base
That's a double; I'm on tundra (entendre)
When I roll up the sleeves of the bubble-

Goose niggas tryna duck my herb shuttles
My team huddle
We bout to muddle you
Mark niggas
I mark niggas worse than the mud'll do
I ain't even goin 100 just muttering dude

I muster up a cluster fuck
Of nutter busters
Fuck a condom-man I hate mustard
To fucking the world with flows thicker than custard
Leave u bird niggas feathers fluttered, flustered

You niggas bluster
No vehemence
You lack lack lust or some shit
Don't assume dumb shit
I bump this so loud you could smell it

I'm that crack
Yet I ain't even sellin

There ain't no tellin where I'll be in a couple of years
Probably at the top the evidence is clear/compelling

This ain't even all I got
See I'm,
Teasing them mane the reason to blame me

Cuz these fiends fiending
I told u I'm that crack yet a nigga stay calmer than if you leaning

RiCHiE RVME and Kyng Seff got the minds of Einstein
Mine's fine too
We make a decent team and

I dress correct step through wit a dope fashion
I spit mad shit with a passion
Limited dissatisfaction
Militant disses to the saddest factions,
You niggas fractions of my skill
Track Name: tbt [prod. PG-13]
[Verse 1]

I'm spaced out nigga my waist down
Feeling like it's floating in some water I can't drown
In.. um.. I'm a mouth. That's it
What you don't it get it?
Explaining is futile man I'm loosing my noodles

The names green I Pop-eyes when I blow minds in this bitch
I drop bars like your dad did in prison
Mine are like the ones he was behind—they hard, listen
I'm killing without enlisting a hitman
Bruising while sheathing my fist and

Sheath my d**k and stick it in because I can
Make you kick the can then I hit the hay and then get your friend
And your kin
Your cousin
She a ten I'm f*****
And no lie hate the vulgar rapping
When I'm high I just speak truth man
I don't know why happens

I'm on a diet
Only eat rappers and beats and p***y
Slicker than Greece going for the
Capital like Athens
Don't push me,

Wait, that's me
I'm cashing though
Overlook me flick you like a boogie
Crumble like a cookie bash them skulls

Taking all the rations quick fashion bust the hull
Watch you sink I'm laughing flying with the sea gulls

My flows cause your crash
Kiss my ass
I'm at the acme
Crafty than Wile E.
You tacky I'm khaki
Popping off like acne
It's blacky


Imma ditch yaa
If you tryna snitch or
Something like that
I'm just tryna light that (blunt)

Imma get ya
Might wanna bring someone with you
If you tryna fight back nigga its a fact

[Verse 2]

I can read these niggas like New York Times
Man they sour like some pickled watermelon rinds

You pucker up your lips when you try to spit rhymes
No, you gotta let it go like mine flow dope

So dirty like trash in the sea or the seamen in a trashy ass hoe
Damn see I got a seam in my jeans gee you knit?
Sow up my shit
Patch up my shit

So what you get
A little pussy now and then man I got the whole litter
Man you the shit? I'm the shitter

My nigga I'm a winner you quitter
Naw I ain't the pitcher
All home runs I'm the hitter

Your girl start to argue with u so u hit her
That's fucked up now imma go get her

Now u all sad and shit nigga cry me a river
Pitter-patter quit the chitter-chatter go there again use your heroin

You could get a shot with the needle or get shot with the heater from a nigga wit a wife beater

I'd rather take a shot out the glass or shoot shit through the basketball hoop

You soo woo man I'm playing grand theft auto
I ain't getting killed foreal aw hell no

Niko just died whatever tho
Pass the controller to my bro

Track Name: Whatnau [prod. hermit x ewonee]
Integrity ain't nobody taken that from me
Down to earth; a tree it's Green keep listening

Character can only be tainted by yourself
Stay real and keep reaching for the higher shelf

Truth is love is life
But what now
All I really want is more sounds before I shut down

Music makes the world go round
Mine at least and that's what matters.. right?
I just need some beats to get by

I always try to see the light
I like life
I try to be polite
But she a bitch sometimes

I make the most of what I got like my guy MacGyver
I love Gia
I always keep these thoughts in my mind

Truth is love is life
Live for now
Carpe diem, that YOLO
I made a vow

To myself I'm livin in the moment
For the rest of my life
Mines what matters right?
This my line of sight

Cuz when I go to sleep
I process things and I dream
Reality is perception only homie

So when I go to sleep
I want a legacy
I wanna leave a mark
A stain in history

I stay true, I love, I live
My nigga that's how
I'll impact the world with the energy I put out

Don't take life so serious
I'm serious laugh some more
Life just on her period

The myriad depth and intellect
Of this fresh little nigga makes death
The next imminent spiritual step

I found that finding yourself will best
Your days
On the earth
I'm not afraid
I'm content
Track Name: New Treats [prod. The 6th Man]
Dear future me,
How are things?
I'm doing fine myself
Thanks for asking

I know there's so much more that you've seen
Even though I know everything

Naive still
If u can't tell but I'm sorta wise
Remember that soundcloud? I bet you mortified

If you listen you've just changed so much..
I don't really think I'll change that much

You got a clutch on the whip whatchu drive?
Still got the trailblazer 2005?

Wait it was 04,
And I dropped like
1.5k for the system, oh lord

You changed faith? Didn't think so
Philanthropy still the saving grace? Good to know!

You found love yet?
Way to go!
Oh.. No?
Ok flip to page dos..

I know you strong rarely lonely feeling,
Besides your body is composed of billions

Of living organisms
You still like science?
I know you didn't drop the moralism
I hope you got
Still wishfully thinking
About the Nobel Peace

Remember how you used to blur the line between
When you're awake or asleep
Dreams and reality
You still reading?

People I mean
I hope you reading more books
But I know u never loved those things but

Knowledge is priceless
You acknowledge this
Ever since I can remember...

You remember writing this?
Senior year looking forward to college

Don't forget
These the days you'll think about
And wish
You could come back to this..

I don't really wanna grow up
I'm jelly of Peter Pan
Shit I used to eat peanuts

When the joint done
Stupid fun
Not ignorance but
I wonder
If I'll be as content when I'm under the pressures of
Adult responsibilities
Better never make a blunder

But I know u have
And I know it made you wiser than before u had
I adore the fact
That I can tell you're a perfect organism
Thanks mom and dad
Track Name: Of The Opera [prod. MELODIOU$]
Who even wanna hear me rap?
This is just a passion I happen to be good at

An addict freshmen on attack in the Act of flossing macking and tossing the blunt wraps
That already burned to ash

Your ass getting burnt if come into Phil's class
Erratic rapping fire got hell in my damn flask

Don't ask for nothing is coming, I'm magnanimous
Controlling dreams and assassinating no Animus

Smoking on that cannabis
Liquor is my drink
I think deep causing me to challenge theists passively

Belief is belief, it's yours, own it
But agnosticism seems pretty damn fair don't it?

My Dynasty make u die nasty
Like Nas spit at you
But naw I'll spit at you

Terminally ill but the glass half full
Can't choose the hand your dealt but I think I won the raffle

Life's good
Won't raised in the hood
Stopped wearing my hood when I walked the dog
Trevon said I shouldn't

Smoking Skittles
Spitting riddles
You niggas couldn't
Decipher my cypher
With Rosetta's Stone
In the zone drinking Arizona
Stoned off of marijuana
Belladonnas for ya grave

RIP when I rip em with the lyrics
Not always malicious but these rappers is delicious

This the fuck you creed
I'm doing me
Whatchu need
Nigga u a pipsqueak
U get defeated

I'm Mos Def-initely the best
You hungry? eat this
Or imma force feed it
Repeat it so you receive it
You butt pirates ain't real no buccaneer
I'm gettin buck in hear wit a couple of a couple musketeers

Munching candy bars then I spit that sweetness in ya ear
Can ya hear me now
I'll call your bluff in here

The proof is in the pudding but look, I got custard
Y'all know I hate mustard but I must turd on em

Oh I'm not black enough? Ok then rub dirt on em
Throw some shade
Imma sharpen up blade and cut em

Fuck em
Gut em like I'm hunting
I prey on the weak since I don't pray to god or nothing

If I swear to Him that's one way to I'm bluffing
You can eat that up I'm eating bars and the muff in stuff

Young nigga got wise in his teens
All I need now is more experience with things

Wings, imma get em
Without the red bulk in my system
You can pull my teeth but not the wisdom

Fluoride calcifies the good eye
Why would I ignore the brainwashed victims

Transcend in transparent manners,
I end em
A phantom is within him
Bout to blow up through the opera house listen
Track Name: GYPSI [prod. T.Hache]
[Verse 1]

Decalcify your third eye
I'm feeling like I got a bird's eye view
I'm on drugs without being on drugs
You could say I'm high on life too
But I ain't straight edge blood
Who am I?
Wait let me tell u fool

Still an ash flicker
Ass getter and kicker
Spit riddles
Rid you ass niggas like trash litter

Filter H20 flows through Audacity, not Brita
A killer still I fill myself while I chill-uh

Split the swisher pack it roll lick and swig the liquor nigga
Peter Piper chiefing
Pipe cleaner caterpillar
Green fuzzy nugs in my lungs while I rap or spit a
Ill ass 16 that'll shatter pillars

[Hook x2]

Bring down the house and the mansion
Pay attention
Little nigga gargantuan

With the thinking
Hoping that I'm planting
Ideas your head but far from Charles Manson

[Verse 2]

Yeah I'm in the cut with indica in my lungs bumping Indicud
Damn I love this bud

Indicate I'm rolling deep with my buds
Going back to my roots playin music from Africa

I freaking love this shit
Of course I'm buzzing
Cracking bottles and jokes so we bugging
Fun as shit

Party hopping getting dumb as shit
Tonight I ain't goin home man I'm bumming it

Next day im back in the cave making beats in a daze
Still fresh and amazing
Once again blazing

Get some lyrics for a dope ass beat
Then go to sleep nigga flip the life page for a G, me

[Hook x2]
Track Name: Late Night Jawn [prod. Terry Tester]
Aspirations to be a legend like John
Writing lyrics and my wrongs well I'm trying

Sitting on a thousand thoughts
Squatting on the john
Shitting on
Anyone firing shots
This a late night Jawn

From Philly
Wilmy exactly
My hood barely likes me

The only blackies
Only ones who wanted color in that White House
In my white tee
Mom's nice house

Nice eats
That good food pig feet
Turkey neck
Flat back
Collard greens
Black eyed peas
Stewed tomatoes

Sweet potatoes
But no I'm still hungry
That's why I'm rapping goin ape like a monkey
Ooh ooh

East coast no soo woo
Naw that's coo coo
You dodo
Bozo I get that dough doe
Dude true

I do do
This music I'm the poo poo
In the good way
And like Pooh say
'Think think think'
Aye it's a new day

That brain can do a lot and today
Is the first page of your book
You can't do wrong
In this book all you can do is write

Annotate, Marky Mark
Wet the reed with them Good Vibrations
This is that good sensation

Got your heart racing
Pupils dilating
Dopamine levels raising
I'm dope, I mean I'm
Latent right now

Underground but you still hear the sound here muffled
But it pound on your ear drums

I already won
See music is what keep a nigga going
I'm super flowin

Now that I create it
I'm telling niggas that I made it
I don't need Soulja Boy to tell em

Or Mike Will
I got the mic, will I kick it?
I think so
No permission
I just go

It's liberating
I know that what I'm saying
I'm speaking for a few but they don't want to say it

It goes 'say it don't spray it'
But I'm tryna make a change
I'm the spark that'll sprout a revolution

I spit like a sprinkler
I'm just tryna get the seeds growin
I plant like I fuckin know what I'm doing

I'm just using music
Express myself
You can't always put these thoughts into words

That's why
My verses like birds,
Over your head even though you heard
Man I'm out the herd

Y'all absurd
Track Name: Last Minute [prod. Brian To Earth]
Watch this
Check your watches
I stopped it
It's about time I spit with perfected flows dammit

Y'all don't understand it
The thoughts that's in my head
Even though I'm winning in life like my parents planned it

Fuck the gossip man I'm all about the profit
Obesity is not a problem
I'm tryna feed my damn wallet

He love the paper
My skill is getting greater
Climbing up the totem pole I wanna be Metal Face neighbor

That's a major caliber
Better than the soul sword
I spit fire u try to spit u getting cold sores

I'm cold to these niggas closing all the doors on em
Taking all the green like autumn
All the women's yeah I got em

When I'm coming only see the dorsal
Eating everything won't find a morsel
You niggas sending Morse Code

SOS messages
I'm the best, yes I is
Bombing for the Benjamin's at the last damn minute man
Track Name: OldschoolboyO [prod. Gustav Shihab]
I'm on some shit you can't take
My pace
And cadence
Is hard to replicate

Cameras on cable can't catch me 'kay you can't see me, meet me, or match me

Although I'm rarely striking niggas
I'm really striking, niggas
Handle bars like I'm biking
Black Viking nigga

Flows Vicodin tranquilizing
I'm tantalizing
You realizing
I'm barely even
In the horizon
Squint your eyes and notice I'm rising

You know I'm high when I write them
Literally going over your head then I drop em

Memorize and recite em
My verses like the bible yeah I got em as disciples liable for libel if they
Disparaging me that's blasphemy

Now in the past when I passed the blown glass my psyche had surpassed the overpass,
Over the overcast

I'm on the ninth nimbus with intangible thoughts
Only possible from eardrum and cochlea talks and
Good vibrations.. like

Uh ohh
U know I got the keys on lock and
I'm merkin any muthafuckin beat that y'all got in

Store I got more to offer than u got in stock and imma stock my bank
Never been poor yet my flows pour when I pore over lyrics so hot
It open up your pores

I'll be sitting next to Grammy 'fore I'm sitting on the rocker
My other half in UA that's why I'm drinking vodka

Your scouts ain't shit if I still ain't on the roster
Call the doctor
Killing this shit dirty kill the squalor Squad up my squad'll squash ya
Squally showers when I spit

Bumping dilated peoples
Influenced by B A B U
Got some THC too

ALC coupled with the alc and weed dude
Inspiration keep the bars on point like needles

It's easy to find me the haystack or the clouds I'm
Giant like "Hey Jack"
We go way back
I'm not evil

I don't need you
To tell me my morals
I got integrity I'm standing stout spitting off the steeple

I don't believe in God, just saying
Oh and I bought a couple souls from Satin, dos

One for the
Flows so you hold your nose
When I prose/impose I'm a pro smoking potent and dodging the po po

You niggas know no thing
About the cold snow spitting

I got the second one just to bargain for the bidding
I'm on the good side yet I sound so forbidding

Masticating beats masturbating them hooks
When that beat drops.. look.. like

Uh ohh
You know I got the keys on lock and
I'm merkin any muthafuckin beat that y'all got in
Store I got more to offer than u got in stock and imma stock my bank

Never been poor yet my flows pour when I pore over lyrics so hot,
It open up your pores

I'll be sitting next to Grammy 'fore I'm sitting on the rocker
My other half in UA that's why I'm drinking vodka

Food for thought this the opposite of your cannon fodder
Try to shoot me down with the Nina yeah I'll block her imma prosper
No triggers rather cup a couple knockers

Yet lyrically speeding evolution godly proper
Weeding out the weak ones listen to em holler

I feel the beat but absent pulse the moms are gon be somber call the doctor