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released June 16, 2017




PG-13 Wilmington, North Carolina

Beast Coast


North Carolina



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Track Name: Griselda Negro (prod. Daringer)
It's hysterical
Historical times we living through a twilight zone

A little while ago I read 1984 and thought hell no
This dystopia would never happen now I seldom

Go online without a VPN and proxys covering my behind
A real fine line between

The land of the free
And modern day slavery
Not to mention them elites stay watching

It seems like yesterday debuted Nintendo
Now they got the VR tryna put their finger on the differential
Between what is real and what's pretend though

I'm just waiting for the end so I can see more than this aleph null infinite
Shit, I'm finding my niche

I like to build up suspense
Full of wisdom kid tryna comprehend all this raw data but it's senseless

Transforming to a nihilistic existentialist
Life is simplistic it's obvious consciousness transcends physics

Well the shit that we think we understand
Got its limits

Channel my energy spiritually
Steering mi ship I'm de captain
Cosmic seas at top speeds

I'm killing all impossibilities
Miracles daily this kids an anomalous entity

Lyrically spearing these
Bleak concrete thinkers with no originality nor dignity

It's 6th sense to me actually make masterpieces
Since symphonies simply seem to be colors to me

Associative synesthesia,
It's the next gorilla N.E.R.D. to be

Bigger than the skateboard P
Not really
That's optimistic and wishfully naive but at least

Bigger than the skateboard Dyrdek made through
Creation of beats imagery and cadence okay then

PG mastering manipulation of the
Language that was given to me since infancy


Usually hesitant to spit like this
But I'm getting real sick of the alternative

Facts I only spit truth
Satire on a hiatus reality is wilder than the spoofs

I've never truly seen a roof only glass ceilings
I see through you know the deal I'm sealing fates

Of these kids need to get in their place
Replace your faves and the greats dead or alive I reincarnate

Reanimate your corpses make you do your daily doings
Influence your interactions for my interest I ain't a human

Jump conclusions I insinuate, I incinerate
Like everything well done on my dinner plate

Wait you caught me at a good time
My anger catchin up so I'm speaking my mind

My coughing under control
Just rose from my sarcophagus
Your coffin is primed
Along with the whole nation's guess I'll whine a bit

This snowflake bout to break snatch Tomi
Outright let the alt-right really know bout what I'm thinking

On the brink of finding every pale supremacist to be their own personal shrink
I'm so articulate I know

I consider myself a strong willed man a pacifist
I do all I can

But they really starting to test my hand
I'll cop a piece in case my fingers get too itchy
Not a killer but you missing the point man

So I give em (hollow) tips even when the service abysmal it's dismal
Empathize to easily

I'm gettin too desensitized my decency deceiving me
No it's leaving me leading me to places I don't need to be
I need to act less selflessly
Push philanthropy down
Rearrange priorities

Ignore the helpless guess I gotta help less
I felt blessed before I spoke to higher consciousnesses
Yes it's
The indigo
Better not to tell you but to show you the truth
But so many just refuse to seek

Look at me with the audacity intruding your thoughts, if you listen see


Move over man I'm movin in don't need permission
Don't you know the all best artists got the vision

I see very clearly what want it's all intentional
I avoid beef but shit it seems the tension holds

The vast majority or at least
Half of these lost souls together
Conflict theory
Simply since their energy is nowhere near me

Survivors guilt starts to strike and I weary but
I've learned that aiding me helps humanity essentially

I've always tried to be the change that I wanna see
Exchanging my needs for the grater good

Mob mentality
Since I'm always out of body I so vividly see myself as such a small piece but wait

Imma give you what you want but patience is a virtue
Takin all the time I need cuz when my music really hits you peeps bet it hurts you

This the type that make your brain buzz a bit
But it's timeless and never gets old

Recently been skipping beats that hit my soul
Challenging myself to think outside the dome

So many out of body journeys never think I'll feel alone
In the way I did before I honed my senses even though

I often feel defenseless
In the country where the first amendment
Grants specific permission for this
Yet bills can silence it

In which case I'll squabble in a rage fueled filibuster front and center on the senate stage, wait

Imma cop the calendars
Snatch the watches
Steal the clocks
Snag the sun dials

Imma take my time with this
Imma take my time with this

Imma hit a lick on every time increment that you can think of
In one sitting eat the weak up

Yeah I prey on all game
I'm apex mane it's in my balmains
My genes I could go beats mode (animal)

I'm rappin tho spreading seed like Socrates
The peoples' population just to much to be controlled peep

Only if we wholly work in unison but for PG
A different chemistry you wrote to the beats?
They speak to me

Generally take orders with the flows then encode
My own agenda through the words that I know

I'm older than Ötzi
I don't look it because
My baby face preserves the peach fuzz

Ok MD how they address me
Looksie I got you bitch niggas ovary acting like Tootsie pussy

Timely too
Griselda that grimy group
I keep killin should I sign to the crew takin over


(The only thing that I assume is power
Infesting, insect and menace getting what's ours)

Yeah and imma cop the calendars
Snatch the watches
Steal the clocks
Snag the sun dials

Imma take my time with this
Imma take my time with this


The system tryna tell us how to live and I'm not having it
Practice first amendment with the raps and it's immaculate

Peacefully assemble all my egos in a rhythm
Beast mode you niggas better listen

I got hella different flows one central mission I'm a
Visionary, utopia, the new world order

Restore the dying biomes
I'm a tree hoarder
Press the people in power for green
Like what's the Forbes for

Hundred I'm affiliated with few gangsters many more mayo-skinded people
Getting they heads on straight

"Bro today it ain't about race"
Yes it is the wealth gap a massive issue though
Yes I notice this

No it isn't right for you to defend
Your prejudice by citing your own right to free speech

This a damn democracy
But hold up these Christians got me sinning again
Thank God I got my own belief system

I'm praying to me
Speaking to higher dimensional beings they saying I'm free
Only on the day I escape from my b o d Why

Is a question that we'll never get a answer
To there is no reason just existence
Life is like
Lookin at a dancer without hearing their music
You will never see the order to it

The theory of relativity really resonates with me
Once I realized you can't define any thing without

Comparing it something else that we perceive
Even with words define this homie

You can't put your finger on me


Too saucy for these salty niggas flossy with the writtens
Off the top be never faulty but just overthinking

It puts my standards way above you fuckin twinks
No homophobe
Phony personalities are stealin our globe

Everybody so judgemental the youth afraid to be original but, you know it's different people

Different palates some just don't acquire taste
Different brains so overwhelming
But there's endless different ways we can

Measure this reality through the given senses
And the truest picture's a cohesive compilation of

Every race, sex, gender, religious affiliation
Framing their perspective with the mission to kill hate love

Is the true global consolidator
But ain't nobody wanna hear me spit that

I'm gettin angry cuz the bigots still deny these facts
I'm playin offense facing fascists tryna turn they backs

On populations been historically oppressed
You pressed my buttons

Putting pressure on em till they crack
I'll let you do it

Tighten up dude your noose too slack
I'll catalyze kick the stools yeah you hear that snap

I'm triggered dude soon enough all you'll view is black
The truest truth dazzling darkness


Ay listen this a lesson in creativity pay

Attention yes the currency is your energy take

Time to analyze and synthesize the rhymes

I bet you'll find some resonance within the content

Inside your own mind, you recognize your consciousness is what defines you rather than the vehicle that we each refer to as "I"

Hate the fact that words constrain the deepest feeling that we feeling day to day, today I prayed well meditated

They be sayin

Philly damn don't stop it man

Oh stop it man

I got this man I got a plan

Philly damn don't stop it man

Oh stop it man

I got this man I got a plan

And they be saying

You should rap with your regular voice

But they keep playing

The ones inside my head advising me to

To keep a grain of salt at all times and take it when

The outside be tryna make its way in consulting me

I'm aware despise be coming of from a place of envy

I don't think they know that they're already in me

I'm very conscious of the fact that every face reflects a different derivative

Of the highest most divine mind I'm tapped in

I know these dudes don't know what happens when I read their thoughts

Humans so predictable so phil forsees a lot with

Three eyes to one individual everything leaves a residual visual after perception

A lil more than physical sensing the answers to riddles belittles most talk that's small

Apologize to all whomst my first impression was subpar

Honestly I'd rather bounce ideas off a brick wall

It's like original thought scares y'all I'm unamused i wont entertain

Philly dang don't stop it man

Oh stop it man

I got this man I got a plan

Philly damn don't stop it man

Oh stop it man

I got this man I got a plan

So insensitive

But care too much about your image all decisions that you make are much too tentative

Use your senses and your own synthesis intuition

Stay away from percentages

And government censuses

Perform maintenance that's preventative

On your body mind machine and your spirit

Will automatically follow suit it's invaluable

You follow through to the next level

I am the god and the devil see

Alpha and omega embodied

Can't define infinity DNE

I got no limits

Within the domain and range of the human brain

And physicality it's all the same though

Where do all of these thoughts and feelings derive from

Feels divine but then again that undermines the anthropic mind

I'm too musical

I think it's about time

I get the rhymes right...